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It is my great pleasure to invite you to explore the web of Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University.

Nowadays, Cultural industries is playing more and more important role in the development of national economy. Developing the cultural industries is related not only to the reform of the industrial structure, but also related to China’s cultural influence and competitiveness in the world. Only when the culture and art products have been developed through industrialization and marketization, Chinese culture would be spread to every corner of the world in unprecedented depth and breadth communication channels.

Peking University is famous for its profound cultural traditions and resources, but from the perspective of market economy, such resources of Peking University have not fully exploited. It is still a problem that how to effectively promote the country's economic development by humanities of Peking University, and developing cultural industries may be a suitable way. Our humanities, while continuing to adhere to a pure academic research, should make some efforts to transform human knowledge and human research achievements into market-oriented cultural products, and integrate cultural resources to develop cultural industries and enrich spiritual life of ordinary people. As a result, it will help not only boost our economic growth to produce huge economic benefits, but also improve the nation's cultural quality and cultural character to generate tremendous social benefits.

Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University (ICIPKU), founded on October 1999, is trying to integrate related academic and teaching resources of Peking University, deepen the study on industry theory and policy and aim to cultivate senior management elites. In June 2002, on the basis of ICIPKU, National Research Base for Cultural Industries Innovation and Development was set up by Ministry of Culture and Peking University. As the trans-subject school-level institute, ICIPKU has completed more than 30 research projects affiliated to central governments, published lots of academic monographs, conducted more than 40 cultural industry development plans of local government, cultivated more than 2000 experts in the field of cultural industries, and held lots of performances under the theme of "May Walk" in the past 10 years.

With the rapid development of Chinese Cultural Industries, I believe, ICIPKU will promote the prosperity and development of Chinese cultural industries, together with the government leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and research experts.

Senior Professor of philosophy and social sciences, Peking University
Dean of Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University
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