Oct 1999, Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University (ICIPKU) was founded.

Mar 2001, Professor Ye Lang delivered a special report on cultural industries at the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), receiving great responses.

Mar 2002, National Cultural Industries Elite Project of Peking University was officially started. Peking University Executive Program in Cultural Industries Management (ECIM) cooperated with Time Warner Inc. has been respected as the West Point of Chinese cultural industries.

Jun 2002, Co-founded National Research Base for Cultural Industries Innovation and Development with the Ministry of Culture.

Dec 2003, The first "Forum on International Cultural Industries, New Year, China (FICI)" was held by the institute, which attracted government officials, entrepreneurs, scholars and many other celebrities to attend. Since then, this annual forum on cultural industries has been started with more and more influence.

Dec 2005, ICIPKU was rated as an outstanding humanities research institute by Peking University.

Jan 2007, Co-founded Culture & Creative Industries Weekly with Beijing Business Today.

Sep 2007, ICIPKU launched Dual Bachelor Degree program in Cultural Industries Management, Master Degree program in Cultural Industries Management, and Doctor Degree program in Creative Cultural Research. These indicate that Peking University has completed its cultural industries education system.

Jun 2008, The book "Insights into Chinese Culture" written by Professor Ye Lang and Professor Zhu Lianzhi of Peking University is officially released, which was selected as the official gift book by 2008 Beijing Olympic Committee.

Oct 2009, the 10th Anniversary Celebration for the foundation of ICIPKU and the International Alliance of Cultural and Creative Industries(IACCI) Symposium was held in Peking University. IACCI was initialed by the founders of ICIPKU, London Metropolitan University and school of Modern Languages and Cultures, the University of Hong Kong in the celebration.

Mar 2010, Launched "Peking University Kunqu Opera Succession Program" with the support of Coca-Cola China to encourage the succession and development of intangible cultural heritage on Campus. The public elective course "Classic Kunqu Opera Appreciation" and the "On-Campus Version" of Peony Pavilion performance were organized by ICIPKU successfully.

Nov 2010, "Research on the Development Strategy of Chinese Cultural Industries" was carried out by ICIPKU, which was the key project of the National Social Science Fund in 2010. Professor Ye Lang was appointed as the chief expert of research group.

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