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  • Associate Professor of Department of Digital Art, School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University
  • Researcher of Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University
  • Chief Planner & Art Director of Fantasy Art Magazine
  • Member of Drakabysset of Swedish International Arts Association
  • Member of Chinese Picture-story Research Society
  • Member of Liaoning section of Chinese Artists Association
  • Member of Chinese Animation Association

General Information

Wang Wei is a senior artist in the fields of cartoon, picture-story books and oil paintings in China. He graduated from Department of Mass Culture, Beijing Renwen University and obtained the diploma, given jointly by Swedish International University of Creation and Research and Swedish Southern Private Academy of Arts.

In the field of animation, Wang Wei, one of the pre-designers of Chinese animation, is proficient in animation production and does original and deep research into the pre-design of animation and the development of animation products. He has designed scenes for the following large-scale animated TV series of CCTV: the Haier Brothers, Feifei’s professions, King Gesar, the Hacker Snipers, the Wanderings of Sanmao, the Legend of Dragon, River Brahmaputra, etc. The animation products, the production of which he participated in, have won the following awards: the "Excellent Animated TV Series Prize" of the 16th and 17th China TV Gold Eagle Award; the "Gold Child Prize" of the 6th National Teenagers and Children TV Programs Competition. He participated in the production of the following large-scale animated films: Mouse’s Travel Around the World (Disney, USA), GLIFFOR (Warner Bros., USA),GOWAP (Warner Bros., USA), Q.C (France), etc.

Wang Wei has produced a lot of picture-story works, among which more than 20 are published on the national magazine Picture Stories and more than 100 are on the papers and magazines of Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mainland provinces. In 1991, his work King Black Gun won the “Gold Ring Award” of the 2nd China Picture-story Competition, the ceremony of which was held in the Great Hall of the People. In 2002, his work Wild Auntie gained rave reviews in the exhibition of the “Chinese Picture-story Achievements” at the National Art Museum of China.

Wang Wei, based on the reality that some students lack educational background in art, has organically integrated his more than 20 years’ knowledge of picture-story creation and more than 10 years’ experience in the animation field and has originally summarized a whole set of effective animated drawing techniques. The techniques, combining basic drawing and animation laws, have brought remarkable results in teaching practices. This teaching method, completely different from that of arts academies, aims at “representing a figure’s different gestures and movements at the same position with the three-dimensional consciousness”. The illustrative and visualized method vividly represents animation fundamentals and movement laws of animation and helps the students understand and grasp techniques and rules of animated drawing in a relatively short time. In the practice of creating picture-stories, from selecting a theme, seeking creative ideas, producing the work till completing it, many students, who lack drawing experience, can complete a quite good art work at last. Then they can use the theme of their picture-stories in the research of animation theme-selecting, laying a good foundation for drawing and developing consciousness of creation for the design of storyboards and roles.

Wang Wei has held exhibitions in Sweden four times and 39 works have been collected by galleries and foreign individuals.

Research Areas

Pre-design of Animation
Research and Development of Animation Products
Creation of Picture-stories
Role Design
Scene Design
Animated Drawing


Variation of Black and White, the Great Wall Made by the Fresh and Blood of People,the Bloody Battle by River Sha,the Adventure in the Desert,the Count of Kuocang Mountains,Reforms of Shang Yang

Masters of Illustration Art

Picture-stories: Story-telling & Visual Representation; Picture-stories: Elements of Creation & Composition Language; Picture-stories: Creation Techniques & Art Styles,the Application of Traditional Art in Animation

The Poetic Living & the Breathe of Art develop the Chinese-style picture-stories, comics and animation products,about the influences of picture-stories on animation, etc.

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