Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University(ICIPKU), on the basis of National Research Base for Cultural Industries Innovation and Development, which is setup by Peking University and Ministry of Culture jointly, has entirely integrated related resources of Peking University, combining academic theory and industrial development, linking high-tech, culture and arts. The vision of the Institute are as following:

To become the theoretical innovation platform of national cultural industries

ICIPKU will serve the theoretical innovation of cultural industry, the establishment of policies and the subject construction. It will become the brainpower of national macro-policy, the reference for the decision-making of local government to development cultural industry, the impetus for the universities to construct cultural subject, and the most authoritative theoretical innovation platform of cultural industry.

To become the cultivating base of national cultural industry elites

ICIPKU will establish national cultural industry elites project, cultivating senior, comprehensive, management cultural industry elites, setting up the assessment system for cultural industry elites and qualification authentication system for cultural industry. We aim to be the most famous brand of cultivating base of national cultural industry elites.

To become the prospering center of national cultural industry projects

ICIPKU will cooperate with national and international cultural enterprises in various ways to develop and research cultural industry projects, to construct incubating base of cultural industry projects, to dredge financing and investing channel for cultural industry, and to become the most professional prospering center of national cultural industry projects.

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