Kunqu Opera Succession Program,Peking

In the Autumn of 2009, ICIPKU kicks off Kunqu Opera Succession Program,Peking University, instructed by Kenneth Pai Hisen-Yong and sponsored by Coca-Cola China.

In the next five years, Peking University will regularly organize performance, exhibition and seminars about Kunqu Opera; establish a digital database to record, collect and preserve Kunqu Opera performances; open classes on appreciating the opera; collaborate with opera schools to train young performers; and set up a foundation to finance student Kunqu Opera societies and communities.

Series Activities in 2011 Series Activities in 2010 Series Activities in 2009

Classic Kunqu Opera Appreci ation Course II.
"On-Campus Version" of The Peony Pavilion public performance in Peking University.

Classic Kunqu Opera Apprecia tion Course I.
"On-Campus Ver sion" of The Peony Pavilion Workshop.

Kunqu Opera Succession Prog ram,Peking University Kick-off.
Lecture by Kenneth Pai Hisen-Yong.

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