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"Science•Art•Creativity Lecture" Activities had Organized by ICIPKU in Peking University

Source: ICIPKU  By: ICIPKU  Updated: 2013-12-03

At the invitation of the Institute for Culture Industries, Peking University, Mr. James Goodwin MA, the director of Art course in Christies, gave three lectures in “Science•Art•Creativity Lecture” activities on November.11-12 2013.

As an expert in Art Market, Mr. James Goodwin directs the art market courses at Christie’s Education, who also published The International Art Markets – The Essential Guide for Collectors and Investors. The topics focus on “Aar Market History”、“Arts Value”、 “Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Art Markets”. 

In “Art Market History”,Mr. Goodwin analyzed the transition of Art Market and the factors that promoted the development of Art Market. The lecture concentrated on the first period of globalization, the development of art market which begins in the 19th century. Mr. James (Goodwin) pointed out that the formative characteristics are all commonly received to all countries and times, such as the construction of supply and demand, also the relationships between society and investors.

In “Art Value”, furthermore, Mr. Goodwin illustrated the essential factors of art value based on diagrams and statistics. He points out that art value is depended on intrinsic factors such as : aesthetic、culture and extrinsic factors. For example, extrinsic includes society、economy and laws. The value can be divided into three sectors: economic value, aesthetic value and social value. Economic value can be regarded as price of works; aesthetic value can be exaimed as the importance of works in academic field; the social value means the social benefits that works bring to those who collect or invest.

In his third lecture “Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Art Markets”, Mr. Goodwin expounded there are unbreakable links in between artists, museums, dealers and investors in different the art market. Works、exhibitions 、promotions and investments are essential to the operation of art market. 

In addition, Mr. James indicated that the art market is developing broader and faster for the past five years. The result attributes to the economic and cultural advances of globalization. The international market in art has grown over three times in the last twenty years. About two thirds of this trade is conducted in the UAS and Britain, now joined by newly developed countries such as South Korea, China, India and Singapore. Among the 180 best art fairs many are now established in developing countries as diverse as Turkey, Mexico and Brazil, which reflects the major potential in arts auction.  Mr. James believes that understanding the art market is helpful for new and some existing collectors, dealer in practice, or just for interested parties to study the language of art auctions.

After the lectures, the vise dean of the Institute for Culture Industries at Peking University, Professor Xiang expresses his gratitude towards Mr. Goodwin regarding his visit to the university, along with impressive lectures. “This conference is only the starting point for the bilingual communication program, says Professor Xiang. In the future, the Institute of Culture Industries will be holding more academic activities with Mr. Goodwin. Mr. Goodwin also showed gratefulness to Professor Xiang for inviting him to the Peking University; “it was my pleasure to discourse in the best university in China.” Due to the successful conference, Mr. Goodwin wishes to cooperate more with the Institute for Culture Industries in the future.

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