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China - Australia High Level Talks

Source: ICIPKU  By: ICIPKU  Updated: 2013-12-10

6-8 December 2013 | Peking University, Beijing



The Australia-China High-Level Talks is a major project initiated by La Trobe University (the Centre for Dialogue and the Centre for China Studies) in partnership with Peking University, the Australia China Business Council, the State Government of Victoria (DSDBI), and Air China. 

The aim is to promote a deeper understanding in each country of the economic, cultural, social and political outlook of the other on a range of bilateral, regional and global issues. 

The Australia-China High-Level Talks will be inaugurated with an intensive two‑day dialogue to be held in Beijing on 6 - 8 December 2013. This will mark over 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. It will be a unique opportunity for senior figures in the business, policy‑making and academic communities of the two countries to explore in a highly interactive format current and future trends, likely challenges and possible responses.



The inaugural meeting of The Australia-China High-Level Talks will:

•Consider policy issues that are central to the future consolidation of the Australia-China relationship;

•Improve the quality and intensity of dialogue and cooperation between Australia and China, through the development of culturally sensitive policy-oriented intellectual exchanges;

•Develop policy recommendations that are relevant to the work of government, the business sector and the academic community in key policy areas;

•Publish and disseminate in different formats the findings and recommendations arising from the dialogue itself or research commissioned as a result of the dialogue – to be published in a range of different formats to suit different audiences in both English and Chinese;

•Prepare the ground for a more ambitious Annual Dialogue between the two countries as a highly significant event able to attract the interest and participation of the academic, business and political communities at the highest level in both countries as a sustainable process over the longer term.




Peking University  

La Trobe University


Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University

Centre for Australian Studies, Peking University

Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University

Centre for China Studies, La Trobe University

Supported By: 

State Government of Victoria

Foundation for Australian Studies in China

Air China

Australia China Business Council



On the basis of extensive consultation, two themes have been identified as focal points for the exchange of views and information in the inaugural dialogue:

1.Economic development and policy between China and Australia over the next 5-10 years; and

2.The role and contribution of cultural industry and intercultural relations in the development of harmonious societies and friendly relations between China and Australia.

Subject to further discussion, topics within these themes may include:

-Resources Policy

-Energy Policy

-Food Security

-Tourism Policy

-Education Policy


Beyond these two themes, participants will have the opportunity, in both formal and informal discussion, to canvas a wider range of issues.





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