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The Eighth International Association of Cultural and Creative Industries (IACCI) Symposium holds successfully

Source: ICIPKU  By: ICIPKU  Updated: 2015-04-24

The Eighth International Association of Cultural and Creative Industries (IACCI) Symposium was held at the University of Hong Kong on April 19th 2015. More than 50 experts and scholars have attended this symposium and engaged in the heated academic discussion while addressing.

This year’s symposium was held with the theme of “From Culture to Business and Vice Versa”. Based on this historic point, intellectuals and pioneers in CCIs from almost 10 countries were invited to join together in the University of Hong Kong and discussed on the following two topics in depth: “A New Horizon on Asian Creative Industries” and “The Variable factors in Creative Industries”.

Dr. Xiang moderated the conference. The non-executive president of IACCI, Patricia Walker Allmond, addressed the keynote speech “Stats v Action”. In the meanwhile, we were privileged to be able to invite Dr. Kyunghoon Jung, Mr Andrew Leung, and Professor Kiyomitsu Yui.

The International Association of Cultural and Creative Industries (IACCI) is a strategic association for international cultural communication, with the mission of fully exploring the cooperation possibilities among the association stakeholders, promoting the exchange of resources, constructing an international partnership platform and accelerating the global development of international cultural industries. Through the open mode of the holding of the symposium, the cooperative advantage of IACCI will be enhanced and a broad and high-level platform will be provided for world’s cultural industries communication on basis of the interactivity of front theory and practice.

For further information about IACCI, please visit IACCI’s website at http://www.iacci.net/

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