• Physical bookstores are facing a grim future at the moment, as the public turns to digital literature. But Page One, a Singapore-based Asian chain, has bucked the trend with its opening of a second branch in Beijing, and plans for a third.

  • In building a cultural superpower, we need to focus on our nation’s cultural essence. When we discuss China’s cultural influence on the world, the core of that discussion must be the influence of China’s essence.

  • China's most expensive film, a bloody blockbuster about the Japanese army's massacre of civilians in Nanjing, will be released in cinemas across the country on Friday as Beijing steps up its efforts to project its "soft power" across the world.

  • A Chinese cultural industry is a typical mixed economy with command economy and market one. Made a brief introduction to the development history of Chinese public cultural services and cultural industry.

  • BEIJING - The importance of promoting culture, both domestically and internationally, was placed center stage at a key leadership meeting.

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